Marketing Plan

At the backbone of every exceptional event is a strong marketing plan.  The following are the main public relations and marketing considerations of The Clique:

Media Partnerships

The Clique has already received confirmation for exclusive promotion from Seraphim and ECLIPSE.  A firm relationship has been established with Bloggers & Vloggers Network and Bloggers for Event Promotion.  Other highly sought blogger/vlogger groups  and media partners are currently being considered.  Information will be posted when additional relationships are confirmed.

Pre-Event Publicity Campaign

Imagery and promotion released at regular intervals prior to the event opening, including static and video imagery.  The current timeframe is to begin the campaign 4 weeks prior to the event opening with follow-ups each week until opening day.

Press Releases

Press releases will be sent to various media outlets and shared on a variety of social media platforms at regular intervals.

Photo Contest

Utilizing Bloggers for Event Promotion and the Bloggers & Vloggers Network, a photo contest will be open to select bloggers and posted on Flickr.  Promotion of the photo contest will be on all social media channels.

Fashion Theater

Utilizing the products of participating content creators, four showings of “The Breakfast Club” will be performed at the sales sim.

Live Musicians and DJs

Strategically scheduled events will be help featuring some of Second Life’s most popular live musicians and DJs, each helping to drive consistent traffic to the event.

Bloggers and Vloggers

Thirty highly qualified, experienced, and influential bloggers and vloggers will be selected.  Each blogger and vlogger will be required to post at least three times, with the first post occurring before opening day.  Each post will be required to contain at least two readily visible items from the event.  Bloggers and vloggers are required to include sponsor creations in at least one of their posts.