Pricing Information

Select one of the following as your primary booth/display option:


200 prims allotted for setup.
Logo will appear on all marketing materials including website, teaser posters, event posters, and teaser video.
Brand name will appear on all press releases.
10 total sponsors.

│█│ DESIGNERS: 5,000L

75 prims allotted for setup.
60 total designers.

Select any (or all) of the following add-ons to enhance your exposure and participation in Thereafter:

│█│ PACKAGE ADD-ON: Pictorial Spread – 10,000L

ECLIPSE Fashion Spread [March 2018 Edition]

A fashion spread dedicated to your brand, showcasing six of your designs (at least one being the exclusive for the event) in six double pages with six photographs utilizing 2 models and 1 professional photographer.

Outfits MUST be provided to models by March 5, 2018.

│█│ PACKAGE ADD-ON: Theater Production – 4,000L

Taking the storyline of “The Breakfast Club,” participating content creators will see their products showcased in a new innovative way. Five scenes comprise the production, which will be approximately one hour long in total.  There will be four showings plus the recording posted after the event. Before each scene begins, participating content creators will have their items identified.

Outfits MUST be provided to actors/actresses by March 15, 2017.
Home & Garden items MUST be provided to scene stylist by March 20, 2017.

│█│ PACKAGE ADD-ON: Additional Event Signage – 2,500L

Your logo and mainstore SLurl or marketplace URL will be included in posters placed around the sim, incorporated into the decor.  This package includes two (2) strategically placed signs.